10 Things to Try this April

Want to shake up your routine this month? Here are 10 things to try this April!

10 Things to Try This April! From food to friends to Easter celebrations, I've rounded up my favorite things to try this April! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

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Everyday life can get a little boring, which is why I love finding a bit of inspiration to improve my day. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, and changing things up (even a little) can be fun and exciting!

In that spirit, I’ve started a monthly series, 10 Things to Try. Each month this year, I’ll share ten seasonally appropriate ideas (recipes, crafts, decor ideas, and more) that are worth trying that month. If you’d like to play along, take a pic of something new you’ve tried, then post it on social media and tag it with #HLH10Things … sound like fun?

Here are 10 things to try this April!

Make the Most of a Rainy Day

10 Things to Try This April! Make the most of a rainy day! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! Unless you live somewhere dry (the desert?), it’s probably going to be a little rainy this month.

Funnily enough, it’s actually raining as I write this. I’ve never liked rain, but there’s no escaping it in spring. I have two methods for dealing with the rain: hole up inside, or bundle up and face it!

I like to avoid the rain as much as possible, so I understand the desire to stay inside. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to get something productive done at home. Personally, I love a good organization project. Here are a few ideas I’ve shared in the past:

Of course, if you’re not up to facing your closet, a rainy day is also the perfect excuse to be a little lazy. Make a big batch of popcorn, gather some drinks, and settle in for a movie marathon. Or maybe just take a nap … sounds good to me!

Need to go out? I’ve found that having the right gear can make facing the weather much more pleasant … perhaps even fun, if you have the perfect pair of rainboots!

10 Things to Try This April! Rainy Day Fashion Favorites! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Here are some of my current rainy day favorites for facing the elements:

Celebrate Easter

10 Things to Try This April! Celebrate Easter! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Easter is coming up fast. Do you and your family celebrate?

Mine is usually pretty quiet since I live so far from my family, but when I have the chance, I love getting together with them!

Now is the perfect time to start planning your menu. Whether you are vegetarian yourself, you’re serving one, or you just want to try some new recipes, make sure to check out my 150 Vegetarian Easter Recipes post. There is something for everyone (even vegans) with recipes ranging from appetizer to entrees to desserts.

And by the way, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, that roundup has tons of spring recipe inspo … yum!

Looking for a unique Easter basket idea or need a favor for your guest? My Mason Jar Easter Baskets couldn’t be cuter, and they take minutes to make.

Get Your Taxes Done

10 Things to Try This April! Get your taxes done! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

I hate to even mention it, but tax day is quickly approaching. Ugh!

I’ve been dragging my feet … my pile of receipts is seriously overwhelming. Can you relate?

It’s time to get it over with though, and hopefully, collect that refund. Cross your fingers for me! Are you in the same boat? Make it a goal to do something tax-related every day until they’re done. It will be over with before you know it.

Are you self-employed or do you itemize? Check out how I organize my receipts for tax time here.

Then Treat Yourself!

10 Things to Try This April! Treat yourself after tax day! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Now that your taxes are done, it’s time to treat yourself! Ha!

Whether you’re getting a refund or paying in (ugh … I’ve been there), it’s always nice to give yourself a little reward once your taxes are done.

If money is tight, why not treat yourself to a DIY beauty treatment? They’re totally affordable, and you’ll still feel pampered. Try my Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub (only two ingredients) for super soft skin. Or treat yourself to an At-Home Manicure or this Easy Striped Nail Art.

Have a refund to spend? Lucky you!

Check out my 3 Easy Spring Outfit Ideas for a little shopping inspo, or why not make a Yearly Family Photo Book? I treasure mine. Of course, you could spread the love a little, and throw a fun Game Night Party and invite all your friends, too!

Get Out Your Spring / Summer Wardrobe

10 Things to Try This April! Get out your spring / summer clothes! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Do you pack away your seasonal clothes? I do, and it’s time to get them out!

I absolutely love pulling out my clothes at the end of winter (or summer). It feels like you have a whole new wardrobe … know what I mean?

It’s been in the seventies and eighties here in Texas, so I can pretty much start wearing my shorts now. I’m not quite ready for that, but my summer tops have been in heavy rotation!

Want to keep your winter clothes looking their best when you unpack them in fall? Follow these easy tips before you pack them away:

  1. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a while. Why waste the storage space?
  2. Make sure everything is clean. Bugs are attracted to body oil and smells … gross, I know. So make sure you’ve washed and/or dry cleaned everything before packing it away.
  3. Fold your clothes neatly. There’s nothing worse than pulling out a favorite outfit – and wanting to wear it immediately – but finding it totally wrinkled.
  4. Pack your clothes in an appropriate container. Something breathable is ideal. If you’re in a pinch for space, you could always use an empty suitcase (provided you don’t have any trips coming up!). I like using these under-the-bed storage bags though. They’re so handy, and you don’t need tons of space to store them.

Go Green

10 Things to Try This April! Go green! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22 this year. Although it’s best to make environmentally conscious decisions year round, this is a great time of year to reevaluate how the things you do impact the earth.

Want to make some changes for the better? I know I do! Check out this article, “What You Can Do About Climate Change”, that I read recently. It talks about the single biggest change you can make, plus some smaller ones.

Making big changes can be difficult, even if you know the outcome will be positive. So if you want to start with something smaller and more doable, read my 4 Easy Green Habits post for a little inspiration. These are simple changes that anyone can make, and there’s even a delicious recipe!

Plan an Easy Home Decor Project

10 Things to Try This April! Plan a home decor project! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Maybe it’s spring fever, but I’m feeling extra motivated to get my apartment looking its best right now.  There’s just something about this time of year that makes me want to make little changes here and there. Are you feeling the same way?

If so, why not plan an easy home decor project? It really doesn’t have to be anything major. A small, affordable update can have as much impact as a more expensive one.

Need a little inspiration to get started? Here are a few posts to get you started:

Want more? Check out all of my Home Decor posts … you’ll find tons of ideas to choose from!

Spend Time Outside

10 Things to Try This April! Spend some time outside! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Hiking in Yosemite

Winter wasn’t too bad here in Dallas. We actually did get snow once, and I was pretty excited about it!

I grew up in the Midwest though, and I’ve lived in Chicago and NYC, so I know what a cold winter is. I also know how exciting it is when the weather finally starts to warm up!

So on those warm spring days, plan an al fresco brunch. Go on a hike. Plant something green. Or simply go for a walk. It feels too good out to stay inside.

Do you live in a hot weather climate like I do? You’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible, too … before summer arrives and it’s too hot! Ha!

Enjoy a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

10 Things to Try This April! Enjoy a grilled cheese! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Did you know that April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? Now that is a holiday I can get behind!

There’s nothing better than a ooey, gooey grilled cheese sandwich, am I right?

Here are a few grilled cheese recipes, plus some soups to pair them with, to inspire you:

Get Together with Friends

10 Things to Try This April! Get together with friends! | Hello Little Home #HLH10Things

Warm spring weather just puts me in the best mood! And after hibernating all winter (at least that’s what it sometimes feels like), it’s time to start getting together with friends more often!

So call up your friends and meet for lunch or grab coffee. Plan a group workout session.  Or get out the grill and invite everyone over.

If the weather’s not cooperating, invite them over to your place for a fun game night party or movie marathon. All you need is some great food and an unforgettable cocktail … might I suggest my Spicy Paloma?

What is something new that you are inspired to try this April?

P.S. Remember to hashtag your photos on social media with #HLH10Things so I can see what you are up to!

P.P.S. Check out all of my 10 Things to Try posts for even more inspiration!




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This is a great list of activities Ginnie – I love getting out in spring and shower dodging !!

This is a great idea for a series, Ginnie! Looking forward to your ideas in the coming months!