10 Things to Try This August

Need a little inspiration to make the most of summer while it lasts? Here are 10 things to try this August!

10 Things to Try This August! From food to fun to activities, these are all the best things to do in August! | Hello Little Home

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I love learning and trying different things. It keeps everyday life a little more exciting, know what I mean?

In that spirit, I’ve started a monthly series, 10 Things to Try. Each month this year, I’ll share ten seasonally appropriate ideas (recipes, crafts, decor ideas, and more) that are worth trying that month. If you’d like to play along, take a pic of something new you’ve tried, then post it on social media and tag it with #HLH10Things … sound like fun?

Here are 10 things to try this August!

1. Make a No (or Low) Cook Meal

These Caprese Salad Skewers recipe ... the perfect party appetizer and take minutes to make! | Hello Little Home

It’s always so hot at this time of year … cooking feel like a real drag.

Get a healthy dinner on the table by making a no (or low) cook meal. Here are some of my favorite easy ideas:

Appetizers for Dinner

Easy Sandwiches

Simple Salads

2. Do Something Nerdy

Savanna at the Natural History Museum | Hello LIttle Home

August is the perfect month to embrace your inner nerd! 😉

Escape the heat by heading to a science museum, curling up with a nonfiction book, or taking an online class. There are so many fun options to choose from and so many interesting things to learn about.

Personally, I’m excited about an upcoming trip to see the Great American Eclipse. I can’t remember ever seeing a full eclipse, and my husband and I are heading to Kansas City to catch this one. I’ll share more details soon!

3. Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fall

Summer always feels like it’s fleeting come August, even though I’ve been out of school for years, and there’s almost two months of the season left to go. (Not to mention, warm weather will be here for quite a while yet in Texas!)

Make those most of these remaining days by spending as much time outside as possible. I’ll be hanging out on my terrace morning, noon, and night!

Need a little inspiration to make the most of your outdoor space? I’ve rounded up my fave under $50 outdoor decor and accessories here.

Don’t have a deck or patio? Head to the park instead, and make sure to check out my easy picnic ideas before you go.

4. Listen to a Podcast

10 Things to Try This August ... listen to a podcast! | Hello Little Home

I was never really into podcasts until recently. My husband got me into Serial, and then S-Town, over the course of a couple trips we took earlier this year.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed! There are so many awesome podcast out there on so many diverse topics.

Here are a few of my current faves:

  • You Must Remember This – I’m totally addicted to this podcast about the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood’s first century. There are so many interesting stories and juicy details about stars lives, the studio system, and more.
  • Young House Love Has a Podcast – This fun podcast is from some of my fave bloggers. It’s very upbeat and entertaining to listen to with lots of practical home decor nuggets to glean.
  • In the Dark – If you like Serial, I think you’ll enjoy this podcast, too. It’s a gripping investigation into how law enforcement mishandled one of the US’s most notorious child abductions (the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping in rural Minnesota) and how those failures fueled national anxiety about stranger danger and led to the nation’s sex-offender registries. It also raises questions about crime-solving effectiveness and accountability.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin – From the author of the Happiness Project and other books, this podcast is all about things you can do (or not do) to be happier in life. It’s really thought provoking and everything is very doable.
  • Happier in Hollywood – This podcast is from Gretchen Rubin’s sister and her sister’s writing partner, who are a veteran television writers/producers/showrunners. It has a similar theme to Rubin’s podcast but with a Hollywood bent.
  • Podcasts for Bloggers: Okay, these last two are specifically for bloggers or wannabe bloggers: The Food Blogger Pro Podcast and The Chopped Podcast. They’re both packed with useful info whether you’re a food blogger or are in another niche.

What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know, so I can check them out!

5. Do Something with Your Summer Photos

How to Create a Yearly Family Photo Book ... learn how to organize your family photos in an easy to make family photo album! This family yearbook is a great way to preserve treasured memories, while finally getting those photos off your phone! | Hello Little Home

Now that summer is almost over, it’s time to do something with all those photos you took!

I’m definitely guilty of most of my photos disappearing into the iPhoto abyss. It’s much more fun to display pics and relive the memories though. Right?

Here are 4 easy ideas you can try:

6. Go on a Date (Or Catch Up with an Old Friend)

Plan a fun sushi night at home, plus get 30 more At Home Date Night Ideas! | Hello Little Home

Do you need to reconnect with your sweetie? Sounds like it’s time to plan a fun date night!

I love including funny holidays in these monthly roundups, so I couldn’t let the month pass by without letting you know that August 13 to 19 is National Resurrect Romance Week … ha!

If you’re struggling for date night ideas, do what I do and check out LivingSocial! You’ll find tons of fun experiences and new restaurants that you wouldn’t have thought to try, plus you’ll save a little money to boot.

Can’t find time to get away? I’ve rounded up 30 At Home Date Night Ideas that are perfect for parents or anyone else looking for a relaxing night at home.

If you’re not in a relationship, then why not make plans with a friend you haven’t seen recently instead?

7. Eat Some Watermelon

Mini Watermelon Punch Bowls ... a fun and easy tutorial! Make these adorable individual punch bowls in minutes! Plus, get a simple two ingredient, nonalcoholic watermelon punch recipe that's loved by both kids and adults. The perfect drink for summer parties! | Hello Little Home

Summer always equals watermelon in my mind. Have you eaten your fill yet?

August is high time to eat as much watermelon as possible … it’s at its peak of freshness!

If you need a little inspiration beyond the wedge, try my Mini Watermelon Punch Bowls or make my Watermelon Basil Quinoa Salad. Both are major faves around here.

8. Do a Random Act of Kindness

How to Create a Yearly Family Photo Book ... learn how to organize your family photos in an easy to make family photo album! This family yearbook is a great way to preserve treasured memories, while finally getting those photos off your phone! | Hello Little Home

Speaking of random holidays, August 25 to 31 is Be Kind To Humankind Week!

When is the last time you did something nice for someone else with no strings attached? Like most people, I’m definitely guilty of getting caught up in my own little world. However, a kind gesture has the potential to brighten everyone’s day (yours included).

Looking for ideas? It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top!

  • Buy someone’s coffee.
  • Hold the door for a few people at the mall.
  • Pass out care packages to homeless people.
  • Leave a big tip.
  • Watch your friends’ kids so they can enjoy a night out.
  • Make dinner for a family member who’s going through a hard time.
  • Write a recommendation for someone you’ve worked with on LinkedIn.

The possibilities are endless!

9. Serve Breakfast for Dinner

Spicy Egg and Potato Breakfast Burritos ... a delicious vegetarian breakfast recipe that's a great way to start your day! Make this easy recipe as hot or as mild as you prefer. It's the perfect portable morning meal! | Hello Little Home

Let me say first of all that I’ve never been the biggest breakfast person. I know, I know …

But breakfast food has grown on me over the years. Plus, there is something fun and relaxed about making breakfast for dinner, especially at this busy time of year.

Personally, I’m all about more savory breakfast foods. I could eat my go-to breakfast sandwich (English muffin, scrambled egg, and fake bacon) or my Spicy Egg and Potato Breakfast Burritos morning, noon, and night.

If you’d prefer something sweeter, this pancake recipe makes the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes.

10. Embrace Your Inner Poet

10 Things to Try This August ... Embrace Your Inner Poet | Hello Little Home

When is the last time you wrote a poem? I think I was in college … in other words, a long time ago.

August 18 is Bad Poetry Day, which to me, sounds like the perfect excuse to break out the pen and paper and have a little fun!

A haiku is the perfect place to start if you are a little rusty. It follows a strict form (three lines, with a 5-7-5 syllable structure), but other than that, there are no rules or rhyming required.

Here’s my contribution:

summer moves too fast

make memories now before

this month too is past


What is something new that you are inspired to try this August?

P.S. Remember to hashtag your photos on social media with #HLH10Things so I can see what you are up to!




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