3 Cozy Fall Outfits: Work, Date & Weekend

I don’t know about you, but the minute the weather turns chilly, I like to dress as comfortably as possible. Sweaters, scarves, and boots are my fall and winter uniform.

Of course, there is a big difference between comfortable and schlumpy. Although I definitely have my frumpy moments, I try to confine them to my home (and maybe the occasional corner store run, if I’m being honest!).

Today, I had fun creating three cozy fall outfits – for work, date, and weekend – that will keep you feeling and looking your best. Let’s start with work!

3 Cozy Fall Outfits: Work | Hello Little Home #style #fashion #FallFashion #WorkStyleWork

My husband and I cut cable a few months ago (#BestDecisionEver), and I’ve been catching up on TV shows that I’ve wanted to watch, but somehow missed. Scandal is one of those shows. Are you a fan, too?

The main character, Olivia Pope, has the most impeccable work wardrobe, and The Limited recently worked with Kerry Washington, the actress who plays Olivia, to create The Scandal Collection. I want pretty much everything in it!

This outfit features a few pieces from that collection. If your office has a traditional dress code or you need to attend an important meeting, this is your outfit. Everything is tailored, but not tight, so you’ll look professional but still feel comfortable all day long.

3 Cozy Fall Outfits: Date | Hello Little Home #style #fashion #FallFashion #DateNight #DateStyleDate

It’s entirely possible to feel comfortable and sexy on a date. After all, what is cute about hobbling around with blisters on your feet?

Pair soft and stretchy fabrics with pieces that have a little edge, and you’re all set! I’d wear this outfit to the movies or for a casual dinner.

3 Cozy Fall Outfits: Weekend | Hello Little Home #style #fashion #FallFashion #WeekendStyleWeekend

Unless I have special plans, my weekend style is super casual. I like to wear outfits than can take me from brunch to shopping to a casual dinner.

Like the date night outfit, this look features comfortable fabrics and stylish details. I really believe that accessories can elevate a plain outfit, and this look is a great example.

Do you love cozy fall outfits, too? What clothing pieces can’t you live without once the temperature dips?

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Such a great post! Love how you categorized everything! 🙂

Linda and Alex @ Veganosity

I love all of these outfits! I’m so into capes, and can’t wait to wear mine from last year. I also LOVE the faux leather moto-jacket from Forever 21! Great combinations Ginnie!

These are all such cute outfits and so well put together! I’m especially loving that moto jacket and those Bauble Bar earrings in the second set!
Gina – On the Daily Express

Great looks! My favorite is the work one!