3 Easy Ideas for Decorating with Natural Elements

What inspires you when decorating your home?

One of my favorite influences is nature. From rich woods to natural fabrics, I love it all, and today I’m sharing three easy ideas for decorating with natural elements.

3 Easy Tips for Decorating with Natural Elements | Hello Little Home

I’m lucky enough to be a Brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown, a British company that has been innovating the home improvement market for 70 years. Graham & Brown has predicted a number of fun interior design trends for 2015, and I’m sharing a new trend with you each month! (Check out my post on last month’s trend, Eureka.)

This month’s trend is Horizon:

Horizon is the fluid movement of design, the sense that something special is about to happen; forecasting your hopes and dreams for your interior. The trend is all about introducing tranquil tones, adding waves of subtle color and luxury textures to your home.

This trend speaks to the influence of nature in decorating. It’s something I love to incorporate into my home, and I have three easy ideas for decorating with natural elements, so you can achieve this trend, too!

Choose Natural Materials

3 Easy Tips for Decorating with Natural Elements | Hello Little HomeMetal Dream Art, Copper Task Lamp with White Marble, Shells (image source: Kathy/Flickr)

Of course, the easiest way to decorate with nature in mind is by using natural materials! Choose from wood, stone, jute, wicker, flowers, and more.

Whether your decorating style is modern or traditional, these materials are a great fit for any home. Simply look for shapes and designs that match your look.

I love wood and use it throughout my apartment. It adds warmth and character to my small space. I also like to collect shells, interesting rocks, and other natural elements. These small items are fun reminders of past trips.

Incorporate Natural Imagery

3 Easy Tips for Decorating with Natural Elements | Hello Little HomeNYC Watercolor Walk, Porcelain Ram Head, Butterfly Array Pillow, Teal Floral Trio

Another easy way get the Horizon trend is by choosing items featuring images of nature. Walk through any home design store, and you will find floral patterns, faux bois (wood grain), animal prints, and other nods to nature.

Do you like in a city? The sights and sounds of a bustling metropolis can influence your decor, too! As a New Yorker, the blend of streets, parks, and other sights constantly inspire my decorating ideas.

Choose a Natural Color Palette

3 Easy Tips for Decorating with Natural Elements | Hello Little HomeFlora Teal Wallpaper, Chenille Jute Rug, Turkish Bath Towels Set  

Color is found everywhere in nature, from sky blues to grassy greens to sunflowers yellows. Incorporating these pretty colors into your design scheme is an easy way to bring nature inside.

When working with color, I like to start with a simple palette. Keep your furniture in shades of cream, grey, and other neutrals. You won’t tire of these more expensive pieces, and then you can introduce color in your accessories.

Bringing It All Together

3 Easy Tips for Decorating with Natural Elements | Hello Little HomeI used all three of these tips to create this fun mood board for a fresh, nature-inspired office!

My first step was choosing the pale wood desk. I love the clean lines, and it pairs well with a gorgeous bentwood chair.

For the walls, I chose Graham & Brown’s Glade Stone wallpaper. The neutral grey color is a great backdrop for any design, and the beautiful skeleton leave pattern is so unique.

Of course, the accessories are the best part! I chose two pieces of art from Graham & Brown: the Ornate Ethnic Panel and Ziggy Zebra (how cute is he?!?). The Crochet Curtain Panels, Table Lamp, and Meadow Pillow bring a gorgeous pop of color into the room. Pretty Glass and Metal Boxes and a wood Letter Tray add much needed storage, and a cute Rattan Wicker Basket holds trash.

What is your favorite way to incorporate nature into your home?

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This post is supported by Graham & Brown, a company I love! All opinions are my own.

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