Autumn Picnic in Central Park

How excited are you for the first day of fall?!? It’s my favorite season, and there’s definitely (finally!) an autumn vibe in the air. I’ve noticed a few colorful leaves this week, and it’s been getting dark earlier and earlier.

The weather is cooling off, too. It’s been in the seventies, which I love. My husband often teases me that I’m only happy when it’s 72 and sunny, so I’m in heaven right now!

Of course, this perfect weather won’t last much longer. So I decided to take advantage of it and planned an autumn picnic in Central Park last weekend.

Autumn Picnic in Central Park with recipes for Brie & Apple Baguettes and Carrot-Cabbage Slaw! | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fall

I’m hoping we still have a few picnics left this fall (cross your fingers), but you never know.

We packed up and headed to Central Park, which is just a couple blocks away. Joel likes to refer to this as pack-muling-it. Poor guy 😉

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home Of course, once we got there, I forced him to take a few pictures, too. Between the two of us, we had all sorts of camera issues. I’m not sure what was going on, but we got a few good ones eventually.

I’ve been trying to work a few fall items into my wardrobe, so I wore my favorite vest. Paired with jeans and a striped tee, it’s the perfect transitional piece for these cooler days.

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallvest (similar, similar), top (similar, similar), sunglasses (similar), jeans (same), sandals (similar)

The sun was just starting to set as we found the perfect spot.

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallMy nail polish matched the quilt. I swear that I didn’t plan that!

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallThe best part of any picnic is the food, of course!

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallI put together a simple, yet delicious meal:

  • Brie and Apple Baguettes. These are so good and so easy to make. Split a small baguette in two. Spread both sides generously with brie and top with thinly sliced apples (pears would be good, too).
  • Carrot-Cabbage Slaw. This is an old favorite, adapted from a Martha Stewart recipe. Combine 1/4 thinly sliced cabbage with one shredded carrot. Toss with lime juice, olive oil, and a little cumin.
  • Dessert. I made these Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake Bars, and they were to die for.

In my eyes, a picnic is not complete without a little wine!

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallI was sent a bottle of this Notorious Pink Grenache to sample last week. It’s an award-winning French rosé made from 100% grenache grapes.

Rosé is the perfect picnic wine, and I loved this bottle. It was light, yet flavorful and aromatic, and worked perfectly with our food. I will definitely be tracking it down locally.

Joel liked it, too!

Autumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallAutumn Picnic in Central Park | Hello Little Home #style #vegetarian #fallAfter we finished a couple of glasses of wine, it started to get dark. We had a close encounter with some wildlife (scary!), grabbed the wine, and headed home. Hopefully, we’re able to repeat this autumn picnic next weekend!

How are you spending these fall days?

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Linda and Alex @ Veganosity

Sounds like the perfect fall afternoon! I’m curious though, what kind of scary wildlife do you run across in Central Park?

This is way too fun! We tried to do a picnic in Central Park the last time we were there too but the weather was a little sloppy so it didn’t work out 🙁 Love your outfit and that food looks so perfect, I’m swooning over this whole thing~