The Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods

The Best Things to Buy at HomeGoodsDo you love HomeGoods? Me, too.

What is not to love? It’s almost impossible to walk out of there without finding find something cute and trendy for my apartment. When we moved to New York, we bought a ton of stuff there. From kitchen utensils to furniture, they sell it.

HomeGoods can sometimes be a little hit or miss (hello, giant horse jockey statue, I’m talking about you), but there are a few items that can always be counted on to be in stock:


Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods: FramesI love buying frames from HomeGoods. From traditional to trendy, the perfect picture frame is usually easy to find, and the prices can’t be beat!

Decorative Pillows

Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods: PillowsHomeGoods has aisles of pillows. Some are really tacky! Pick through the schlock though, and you will find some gems. I especially love their ikat print pillows.

If you prefer down-filled pillows, here’s a great tip: visit the clearance section and look for the cheapest down-filled pillows you can find. Don’t worry about the ugly cover – just remove it when you get home. Cover the insert with a new pillow case or sew your own. Voila, luxurious down inserts for cheap!

Garden Stools

Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods: Garden StoolsMy HomeGoods has a great selection of garden stools. I love them, because they are so versatile: they work with all different styles of decor – from traditional to modern; they are the perfect size for an accent table; and they can be used indoors or out.


Best Things to Buy at HomeGoods: LampsLamps are definitely my favorite thing to buy at HomeGoods. From classic to fun (hello, owl lamp!), the perfect lamp is just waiting for you to snap it up!

What is your favorite thing to buy at HomeGoods? Have you ever been charmed by a crazy rooster or oversized horse jockey?

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