DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadowbox

I am way behind on my Christmas decorating this year. Usually, I have everything up right after Thanksgiving, but not this year.

As I was going through my box of holiday decorations the other day, I came across some shadow box ornaments that I made a couple years ago. I had filled empty tin containers with clip art, glitter, and various ephemera to create the vintage-inspired decorations.

Those ornaments were so much fun to make, and I was feeling crafty, so I challenged myself to create another one using only supplies I had around my apartment. After searching my home for materials, I realized that I didn’t have any containers small enough for ornaments, so I decided to make a larger shadow box instead.

DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box | Hello Little Home

Here’s how you can make a shadow box or ornament, too!


  • cigar box or other container
  • vintage clip art
  • decorative papers
  • various ephemera (ribbons, cotton balls, glitter, tinsel, faux snow or greenery, etc.)
  • paint or nail polish
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Supplies | Hello Little HomeStart by painting the box so it has time to dry. You can use craft paint, acrylic paint, or even nail polish. Paint the whole thing, the inside, or the outside. It’s up to you.

I didn’t want to hide my box’s vintage character, so I chose to simply paint the outside edge with glittery gold nail polish (Julep’s Dahlia).DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Paint Box | Hello Little HomeNext, cut out the clip art. Take your time going around the corners and edges. It’s easy to accidentally amputate paper limbs!

I used a Victorian Santa image from The Graphics Fairy, which a great resource. If you don’t want to use a Santa, check out their roundup of 100 free Christmas images.DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Cut Out Santa | Hello Little HomeAfter you’ve cut out your clip art, play around with your materials to determine a layout.DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Play with Layout | Hello Little HomeOnce you’ve decided on the box’s layout, it’s time to begin decorating your box. You’ll want to start with the back layer first.

The letters I used to spell “Merry and Bright” were actually decorative brads, so I attached those to my backing paper first, and then hot glued the paper to the box. I added a little extra glue behind the letters to ensure everything would stay in place.

This is a first-gen glue gun. I’m amazed that it still works, and I can’t even tell you how many fingers have been burned on this thing over the years!

DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Add Background | Hello Little HomeOops … I almost forgot the “h” in Bright! Thankfully, I noticed that before gluing the paper down!

Next, I added a layer of cotton balls for my snow. Cover up any blank spaces and vary the placement height of the balls (to avoid a layout that is too uniform looking). Attach the cotton balls with your glue gun.

Tip: for a more realistic look, pull the cotton balls apart a bit before gluing them down.DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Adding Cotton Ball Snow | Hello Little HomeMy Santa was next. I wanted him to stand out from the background, so I used a cotton ball as a spacer. I glued the ball to the back of his body and then hot glued the cotton ball to the paper background to hold Santa in place.DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Add Santa Clip Art | Hello Little HomeFinally, I wanted to give my box more depth, so I added additional cotton ball snow in front of his feet.DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Add Additional Cotton Ball Snow | Hello Little HomeAt this point, continue adding various ephemera until you are happy with the design.

I kept my shadow box fairly simple, but I’m going to keep an eye out for a little holly sprig for Santa’s hat. Wouldn’t that look cute?DIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box: Details | Hello Little HomeDIY Vintage-Inspired Christmas Shadow Box | Hello Little HomeHere are the ornaments I made a few years ago. As you can see, there really is no limit to what you can do with this project!

DIY Vintage Shadow Box Ornaments | Hello Little Homediy-vintage-shadow-box-ornaments-quad

Are all of your Christmas decorations up, or am I the only one so far behind? Have you ever made your own ornaments?

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DIY Soft, Silky Hands Treatment

Have you ever been to a Mary Kay party? One thing the host always does is a Satin Hands treatment. Although I’m not a fan of these parties, I do love how this treatment makes my hands feel: super soft and silky.

I wanted to create a similar treatment but with everyday items – no kit necessary. You are going to love my DIY Soft, Silky Hands Treatment!

DIY Soft, Silky Hands Treatment

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DIY Shashi-Inspired Tassel Necklace

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry and become obsessed with having it? I’m not talking diamonds, but these beautiful tasseled bracelets that I first saw on Birchbox.

The bracelets are made by Shashi, and when I looked at their website I found a bunch of other styles that I loved, too. I wish I could stock up on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but unfortunately, my budget is really tight right now.

So what’s a girl to do? I decided to try my hand at making a necklace inspired by Shashi’s Lilu Chain Necklace, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! Lucky for you, I’m sharing all the details. Don’t be intimidated: it’s really easy (I swear).

DIY Shashi-Inspired Tassel Necklace

DIY Shashi-Inspired Tassel NecklaceSupplies:

  • Embroidery floss (You need 3 colors. I used DMC 832, 3808, and 718.)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nosed Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Crimp covers (I used Beadalon 4 mm gold crimp covers.)
  • Jewelry chain (For a similar look, use a chain with small rings. Mine’s from Bead Landing.)
  • Ruler
  • Sewing needle, not pictured (The eye must be small enough to pass through a chain loop.)

DIY Shashi Necklace SuppliesFind all of these supplies at Michael’s or another craft store.

The first thing you need to do is measure a 30-inch piece of chain. Using your pliers, open a jump ring at the 30-inch point, and remove the excess chain. Slip the loop from the opposite end of your 30-inch chain onto the open jump ring, and then use your pliers to close the loop. You should now have a closed chain necklace that can be slipped over your head.

For an explanation of jump rings, check out this tutorial on opening and closing jump rings.

close-necklaceThe closed chain.

Next, you need to cut your floss. You can use whatever colors you want, but for this example, let’s say you are using magenta, blue, and gold like I did. For each tassel, you will need 3 4-inch strands of floss.

Since the necklace has 2 blue tassels, 3 magenta tassels, and 4 gold tassels, you will need to cut:

  • 6 4-inch blue strands
  • 9 4-inch magenta strands
  • 12 4-inch gold strands

You are now ready to make your first tassel. This tassel will be the center of your necklace.

  1. Take three strands of the magenta floss and thread it on your needle, as shown below. (Note: each strand of floss is made of a bunch of individual strands. Don’t worry if one or two of the individual strands does not make it through the needle.)
  2. Pull the needle through the center of one of the jump rings on your chain. This can be somewhat tight. Just gently pull on the chain as you wiggle the needle through.
  3. Once the eye of the needle makes it through the jump ring, pull one half of the floss completely through the ring (see lower left image below).
  4. To attach the tassel to the chain, make an overhand knot. Pull it tight, and then make another overhand knot, pulling it tight, as well. Don’t worry if ends of your tassel are ragged or uneven.

Adding the tassels to the necklace.Making the tassels.

Place a crimp cover over the knot, as shown below.

Placing the crimp bead.Placing the crimp cover over the tassel knot.

Using the flat nose pliers, pinch the crimp cover closed tightly, covering the knot as you do so.

Closing the crimp cover.Covering the knot with the crimp cover.

Next, you need to trim the tassel. Measuring from the crimp cover, trim the floss so the tassel measures 1/2 inch long. Voila – tassel complete!

Trim floss.Finished tassel.

Add the remaining tassels in the same manner, spacing them 2 inches apart, as seen below.

Adding the tassels.Attach the tassels 2 inches apart.

Before adding the remaining tassels, it’s a good idea to lay out your floss. This will help ensure that you place the tassels in the correct order.

Laying out the thread.Lay out the floss so you know where to attach the tassels.

Finish adding the remaining tassels, and your necklace is complete! Isn’t it pretty?

DIY Shashi-Inspired Tassel NecklaceTassel detailNecklace detail.

So, what do you think? Does my DIY version live up to the original?

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Easy DIY Chalkboard

I have a really fun DIY project for you today – a DIY chalkboard. Perfect for keeping lists, posting a dinner menu, or even displaying a fun message, a chalkboard is a quick and easy way to get crafty.

Easy DIY Chalkboard

This chalkboard project is a great way to repurpose an outdated frame from the thrift store or to reuse one that’s been collecting dust in a closet.


  • a frame – I spray painted mine white before starting
  • a piece of cardboard or heavy card stock, cut to fit in the frame opening
  • chalkboard paint
  • a foam paint brush

Easy DIY Chalkboard-step-by-step

This project is so easy that it hardly need directions.

  1. Gather your supplies and pour the chalkboard paint into a small container. I used a plastic cup.
  2. Using your brush, cover the cardboard or card stock with a thin layer of paint.
  3. Let the paint dry, and then add another coat of paint. Make sure to rinse out your brush in between coats, otherwise it will get stiff.
  4. Add additional coats of paint until the cardboard is completely and evenly covered. I ended up applying 4 coats of paint, which sounds like a lot, but the paint dries quickly.
  5. After all coats of the chalkboard paint have been applied and have dried, attach the cardboard/card stock to the frame. You can either use the existing hardware or staple it in place with a staple gun (that’s what I did).

Easy DIY Chalkboard

Now comes the fun part: decorating your chalkboard!

Decorating a Chalkboard

The first thing I recommend is going over the chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk. Completely cover the board and then wipe it off with a piece of paper towel. This will add a little dimension and character to your board.

Then decorate to your hearts content. You can either use regular chalk or specially made chalkboard markers.

Easy DIY Chalkboard: Finished Product

Easy DIY Chalkboard: Holla!

Holla! I couldn’t resist going with a tongue-in-cheek message.

I hope you try this fun project!

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