Dark, Rich Hot Chocolate – 4 Ways!

My dark, rich Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to warm up on a cold day, and I’m sharing four delicious ways to make it!

Dark, Rich Hot Chocolate: 4 Ways | Hello Little Home

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It has been absolutely freezing here lately, and another storm is rolling in tomorrow. Winter is definitely in the air. All of this trudging around in the snow has me craving hot chocolate. Is there any drink more comforting in cold weather than hot cocoa? I don’t think so!

I’ve been working on my dark, rich hot chocolate recipe, and I think I’ve perfected it. I prefer my hot chocolate rich and chocolatey, but not too sweet. While it’s perfectly delicious plain or topped with whipped cream, I enjoy experimenting with other flavors.

Each of these variations start with my basic dark, rich hot chocolate recipe and has a special touch to make it unique. I think you’ll like all 4 variations, but I’d love to know your favorite!

Dark, Rich Hot Chocolate | Hello Little HomeBasic Dark, Rich Hot Chocolate

Serves 2-3


Pour milk into a small saucepan. Whisk in cocoa powder and sugar until combined. Heat over medium heat until hot, continuing to whisk. Do not boil.

Divide among 2 large mugs or 3 regular-size mugs. Serve plain or topped with whipped cream.

*If you like your hot chocolate sweet, add an additional tablespoon or two of sugar.

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate | Hello Little HomeToasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

I love this variation on classic dark, rich hot chocolate topped with marshmallows! The toasted marshmallows add a slightly smoky flavor and are super delicious.


Toast the marshmallows first. Skewer marshmallows with a chopstick or other skewer. Cook over a gas stove burner, under a broiler, or over a fire until toasted, watching carefully to ensure the marshmallows does not burn. Set aside.

Prepare the basic hot chocolate recipe, as directed above.

Divide cocoa among mugs and top with toasted marshmallows.

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate | Hello Little HomeCandy Cane Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and mint are natural companions, especially at the holidays. For a fun variation, replace the mint extract with peppermint schnaps.


Break tops off of the candy canes and crush with a rolling pin or bottle into small pieces. Reserve the straight “stick” part of the canes to be used as stir sticks.

Prepare the basic hot chocolate recipe, as directed above, adding an additional tablespoon of sugar and the mint extract to the milk.

Divide cocoa among mugs and top with a generous portion of whipped cream. Sprinkle with crushed candy and add candy cane stir stick.

Tip: I’m kind of obsessed with these Candy Cane Spoons I spotted on Amazon! They would be perfect for serving in this Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate | Hello Little HomeSalted Caramel Hot Chocolate

This is my absolute favorite! I love the combination of sweet and salty flavors.


Prepare the basic hot chocolate recipe, as directed above.

Divide cocoa among mugs and top with a generous portion of whipped cream. Drizzle with caramel sauce and sprinkle with salt.

Mocha Hot Chocolate | Hello Little HomeMocha Hot Chocolate

Coffee brings out a richness in chocolate. Drink a cup in the morning for a caffeine kick!


Prepare the basic hot chocolate recipe, as directed above, adding the espresso powder to the milk.

Divide cocoa among mugs and top with a generous portion of whipped cream. Shave dark chocolate over the cream.

What is your favorite way to drink hot cocoa?

P.S. Isn’t my mug cute? I get lots of questions about it! I bought it years ago from Starbucks, and I kind of live in fear it will break … ha ha. This Cable Knit Coffee Mug is similar.


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I love hot chocolate in the winter! Thanks for sharing these different ways to serve it. Thank you for linking up at The Wednesday Round Up! Hope to see you back next week!

Your pictures are priceless! YUM I can’t wait to try hot chocolate 4 ways, thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays.

SO many delicious ways to make hot cocoa but I think my favorite is the salted caramel!! Yum!! Thanks so much for linking up! xo

I’m so into salted caramel right now! That recipe looks delicious!

I think Mocha Hot Chocolate is my favorite…great combinations!

That mug makes everything look so cozy and inviting and all those variations sound delicious!

Everything about this is so cozy….right down to that cute little mug! Thanks so much for sharing at Saturday Night Fever!!

Hi there! I love all four of your hot chocolate recipes! Thanks so much for linking up to the Link It or Lump it party. I’ve picked your Hot Chocolate 4 Ways as one of my features this week. Come on over and grab a button and don’t forget to link up again this week! – Melissa @ Two It Yourself

I only just discovered your blog while searching for a home-made hand scrub (great one, by the way!) and will definitely go for the Mocha Hot Chocolate, even though they all seem fab.
Thank you for sharing your recipes.

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