DIY Conversation Heart Banner with Free Printables

I’ve always loved Conversation Hearts. It’s not really about the taste, although I ate my fair share as a kid. I just adore the cute colors and silly messages.

There has been an empty space over my fireplace ever since I took down my Christmas decorations. I’m still trying to find the perfect artwork for the spot, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do something temporary for Valentine’s Day.

What I came up with was a fun DIY Conversation Heart banner with free printables that shows off my love of these adorable heart candies! There’s even a Spanish version!

DIY Conversation Heart Banner with Free Printables | Hello LIttle HomeI had so much fun creating these cute hearts – the colors! the sayings! – and I’m sharing the heart printables so you can make one, too!

This DIY Conversation Heart banner with free printables couldn’t be simpler to make. If you have have kids, make sure to rope them in!

Are you ready to get started?

Conversation Heart Banner Supplies | Hello Little HomeHere’s what you’ll need (affiliate links):

Start by printing and then cutting out your hearts.

DIY Conversation Heart Banner: Cut Out the Hearts | Hello Little HomeWhew … that’s a lot of hearts!

Paper Conversation Hearts | Hello Little HomeNext, arrange the hearts according to how you want to string them up.

DIY Conversation Heart Banner: Arrange Hearts | Hello Little HomeI wanted to hang my banner in between two mirrors, and there was a fairly large vertical space to fill. So I decided to hang the Conversation Hearts in three rows. The banner is totally customizable to your space though, so create as many or as few rows as you would like.

Make sure to mix up the colors if your banner will have more than one row. Look at the pictures of the finished banner, and you’ll see what I mean. The end result will be more interesting if all your purple, blue, yellow, etc. hearts do not line up vertically.

After you find a pattern that you like, punch two holes in the top of each heart with your hole punch.

DIY Conversation Heart Banner: Punch Holes in the Hearts | Hello Little HomeGrab your string next. Measure the spot where you want the banner to hang. In my case, I planned to hang the banner between two mirrors, so I measured that distance and then added a little extra string. Definitely err on the side of too much, rather than too little string, and if your banner will have multiple rows, then you’ll need multiple pieces of string.

Taking your string and a heart, pull the string through the left hole (going over the top of the heart), and the draw it out of the right hole (going behind the heart in between holes). Like so:

string-conversation-hearts-2Pull the heart to the opposite end of the string, and then repeat the process with your remaining hearts. If your banner will have more than one row, use a separate piece of string for each row and repeat the process.

To finish the banner, I simply tied the ends of the string to the nails behind my mirrors. You can also tape up the banner, depending on where you are hanging it. Then, simply pull the hearts along the string to adjust their position. Voila!

DIY Conversation Heart Banner with Free Printables | Hello Little HomeDIY Conversation Heart Banner with Free Printables | Hello Little HomeTips:

  • Use colorful string or ribbon to add even more color to your banner.
  • Skip the hole punch and attach the hearts to the string with tape or mini clothespins.
  • The hearts also make fun Valentine’s Day cards!

DIY Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Cards with Free Printables | Hello Little HomeI created three pages of Conversation Heart printables for this project, all with different messages! Just click on the images below – anywhere except on the “Pin It” button – to get the files:

conversation-heart-banner-printable-SMALLDIY Conversation Heart Banner Printable | Hello Little HomeDIY Conversation Heart Banner Printables | Hello Little Home






Let me know if you make your own DIY Conversation Heart banner. I’d love to see how it turns out!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

P.S. Check out the new Spanish version of my DIY Conversation Heart Banner, too!

100 thoughts on “DIY Conversation Heart Banner with Free Printables

  1. anne @ wit wisdom and food

    That is very cute! I never do much for Valentine’s Day. I honestly am ready for my pinterest pages to be loaded with something other than cute Valentine’s crafts. That being said I love this and how clean and fun it looks. Hope Joel said yes to being your Valentine!

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  5. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    Oh I love this and what great printables too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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  17. Stephanie

    I think these are super cute. Only problem was that it would not take me to the printable page. It would only let me “Pin It”. Am I doing something wrong?

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