DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins

When I attended the HGTV Blogger Block Party last week, I had the chance to create a DIY coaster. Mine definitely wasn’t a masterpiece, but it did get me thinking about all the fun ways to create them.

My home has a few coasters already, and I wanted to make something a little different. I had some worn-out jeans set aside for the perfect DIY project, so I decided to create some cocktail napkins using them.

Of course, everything is better with some embellishment. I love tassels and couldn’t resist incorporating them. That’s how these DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins came to be!

These DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins are a fun project that makes a great gift! | Hello Little Home

I had so much fun making these cocktail napkins! They’re a great way to use up scraps of fabric or a pair of worn-out jeans. I used two different pairs, so each side is a different shade of blue.

These DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins are a fun projects that makes a great gift! | Hello Little HomeThe tassels were created from blue cording – ranging from light to dark – to create an ombre effect. Then they were threaded through the grommets. If you are looking for a stress-relieving project, grommets are a great option (all that pounding)!

Want to make your own DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins?

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkin Supplies | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersTo make this project you’ll need:

  • denim fabric
  • scissors
  • thread to match the denim
  • sewing machine (or sew the napkins by hand)
  • cording (in 4 shades, from light to dark)
  • heavy-duty hole punch
  • grommets
  • setting tool
  • hammer

*You can find the grommets, punches, and setting tools at a fabric store or Michaels.

For each cocktail napkin, you’ll need to cut two 5-inch squares from your fabric.

Start by sandwiching the right sides of the two squares together.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Preparing Squares | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersSew a 1/2-inch seam all the way around the napkin, leaving a 1-inch opening on one end.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Sewing Squares | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersClip the corners close to the stitching. This will make it easier for you to get sharp corners when you turn the cocktail napkin right side out.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Clip Corners | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersUse a hot iron and press the excess fabric toward the center of the napkin. Repeat on the other side.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Iron Squares | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersTurn the cocktail napkins right side out through the hole and then press them again. Stitch the hole closed by hand or machine.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Turn Squares Right Side Out | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersYou’ll insert the grommets next. Start by marking the hole placement about 1/2-inch from each corner (measure diagonally from the tip of the corner).

Then, use your hole punch and create a hole for each mark.

You’ll insert the grommet next. Each grommet has two pieces. Choose the taller piece and insert it through the hole. After the tall piece has been inserted, lay the flat piece of the grommet over the tall piece.

Grab your setting tools (see lower right corner). Place the flat anvil piece under the grommet and then insert the setting tool in the grommet. Give the setting tool a good whack with your hammer, and voila, you have set the grommet!

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Adding Grommets | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersRepeat this process for the remaining corners.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Adding Grommets | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersNext, you’ll create the tassels. Begin by cutting out a 2 x 3-inch piece of heavy card stock or cardboard.

Wrap the cording around the 2-inch side of the card stock 14 times.

Cut a smaller piece of cording. Slide one end between the wrapped cording and card stock. Pull it up to the top of the wrapped cording and then tie it in a double knot.

Carefully slide the cording off the card stock and cut the bottom (the side that isn’t tied) open.

Cut another small length of cording. Wrap it around the tassel about 1/4-inch from the tied end 3 – 4 times. Tie the ends in a double knot. Trim the ends close to the knot.

Trim the ends of the tassel 1-inch from the wrap base, making sure they are even.

Repeat this process, creating 4 tassels for each cocktail napkin.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Making Tassels | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersTo attach the tassels to the cocktail napkin, simply stick one end of the cording holding the tassel together through a grommet. Tie a tight double knot and trim the ends of the cording near the knot.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Attaching Tassels | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersRepeat with the remaining tassels.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins: Adding Tassels | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersOmbre Tassel Cocktail Napkins | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersThese DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins are a fun project that makes a great gift! | Hello Little HomeIf it’s not quite happy hour, use the napkins for tea or coffee!

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersThe cocktail napkins can also be decorated with ribbons or another trim instead of tassels. Get creative!

I’d recommend spot cleaning or handwashing these DIY Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins to help keep the tassels intact.

Ombre Tassel Cocktail Napkins | Hello Little Home #DIY #coastersHave you worked on any fun DIY projects lately?

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