Field Trip: Rockaway Beach

My husband and I took the day off Monday and headed to Rockaway Beach. We’ve been talking about going for months, but our trip kept getting put off due to train problems, weather, etc. I’m not one to spend all day sunbathing,  so I’m glad we waited. The weather was perfect (high sixties) and the beach was practically empty.

Rockaway Beach is in the far, far reaches of Queens, and it was quite the hike from Manhattan. It took three trains and about an hour and a half to get there.

On our way: Rockaway BlvdAlmost there?

It was worth it when we arrived though, because this was our first view of the beach:

View of Rockaway BeachSee what I mean about the perfect day?

The Rockaways sustained a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy, and most of the boardwalk was closed. We spent most of our time walking down the beach – it seemed like it went on forever!

Looking down Rockaway Beach We did take a short detour off the beach to find Rockaway Taco, which was sadly closed. It was an interesting* walk, and along the way we saw this guy below. I think he was warning us to turn back, but we didn’t get the message. The area was a little sketchy, and a few minutes later we witnessed a crazy fight. Needless to say, we hightailed it back to the beach after that!

Skeleton Near Rockaway BeachThe sand was full of shells, so of course I was searching for the perfect one during our walk. They were mostly crushed, but I did find some beach glass and this heart-shaped rock.

Heart-Shaped RockHow cute!

Doesn’t this look like the perfect place to spend your day?

Bench on Rockaway Beach BoardwalkWe ended our trip to Rockaway Beach by grabbing a couple slices of pizza and hopping back on the train to home. It was an absolutely relaxing way to spend a warm fall afternoon!

What is your idea of the perfect day trip?

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*My mom had a habit of using the word interesting when she didn’t really like something but didn’t want to say anything mean (example: “That’s an interesting shirt.”). I’ve definitely picked up this habit. #TurningIntoMyMom

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