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If you’ve stopped by Hello Little Home before, you probably know that I love a gallery wall.

I enjoy collecting things, and gallery walls are a great way to showcase photos, collections, and other memorabilia. They’re also a wonderful way to create a focal point in any room.

Today, I’m sharing gallery wall inspiration for the bedroom!

Gallery Wall Inspiration for the Bedroom | Hello Little Home

Blogging has brought me a lot of great opportunities. I’m excited to announce that I was recently chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown, a British company that has been innovating the home improvement market for 70 years!

Graham & Brown has predicted a number of fun interior design trends for 2015, and I’ll be sharing a new trend with you each month. Along with these trends, they’re giving me (and an awesome group of bloggers from around the world) a monthly interior design challenge. Sounds fun, right?

This month’s trend is Precious: an appreciation for all things vintage and antique. And here’s the challenge:

We all have something precious, but what if it was to move rooms? How would you redecorate a room from scratch to boast your treasures?

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Gathering Photos | Hello Little HomeAs I mentioned earlier, I love to collect. There’s no shortage of items in my apartment that have personal meaning to me, and I love to collect unique vintage pieces. What’s most precious to me though are all of my photos.

I’ve always enjoyed photography, and I distinctly remember receiving my first camera. It was a Kodak Disc Camera … remember those? Probably not!

Anyway, I loved taking pictures with that camera, and it definitely sparked an interest in photography. I have photos scattered throughout my apartment, but one area that has been neglected is my bedroom. As you can see above, I have a few photos displayed on a radiator, but that’s it.

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Gathering Photos | Hello Little HomeI’ve wanted hang photos of me and my husband for a while, and I love idea of creating a small gallery wall in our bedroom.

For this month’s challenge, I thought it would be fun to pull together some gallery wall inspiration. There are photos of my husband and I on display throughout my apartment, and I’d love to gather them together in the bedroom for more impact.

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Gathering Photos | Hello Little Home

I found that vintage quilted, gold frame above in a thrift store … it was love at first sight!

Of course, I have plenty of photos that haven’t even been framed. Check out my short hair in the shots below!

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Gathering Photos | Hello Little HomeMy bedroom is tiny, so I’ve kept the color palette simple and light. The pale blues and grey I’ve chosen make the room feel bright and relaxing. I wanted to carry that same feeling into the gallery wall.

Gallery wall inspiration for the bedroom! | Hello Little HomeI started my gallery wall inspiration board by choosing a beautiful pale blue paint color, Cool Britannia from Graham & Brown. There is something so fresh and relaxing about this color, isn’t there?

I’ve shown simple white frames below, but I’d love to use vintage frames (painted white) to incorporate the Precious theme. Wouldn’t that look beautiful? I’d also reprint my photos in black and white. This would create a cohesive look for the wall, and I love the classic touch it would give my favorite pics.

Finally, I’d choose some fun accent pieces to add personality and a little color: an arrow marquee light with a fun vintage vibe, on trend feather art, a map-decorated ampersand to reflect our love of travel, and a pretty heart-filled shadow box (all from Graham & Brown). Adding unique pieces like these is my favorite part about creating a gallery wall!

Gallery Wall Inspiration for the Bedroom | Hello Little HomeI love how this gallery wall inspiration board turned out. Now I just need to find those vintage frames and carry out my plan!

What is the most precious thing in your home?

P.S. If you like this post, make sure to check out the gallery walls in my entry and living room, plus read my gallery wall tips and tricks!

This post is supported by Graham & Brown, a company I love! All opinions are my own.

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