Home Chef Gift Guide

Know someone who loves to cook? Find the perfect present for your favorite foodie in my home chef gift guide!

Home Chef Gift Guide ... find the perfect gift for your favorite foodie in this fun gift guide which has something for everyone who loves to cook! | Hello Little Home

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I love trying new recipes and cooking a great meal for family and friends. So when it comes to the holidays, I also love receiving gifts that feed my favorite hobby.

My home chef gift guide is a roundup of my fave foodie gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for someone who enjoys cooking, or maybe creating your own wishlist, this guide is filled with presents that no cook will be able to resist.

Home Chef Gift Guide ... find the perfect gift for your favorite foodie in this fun gift guide which has something for everyone who loves to cook! | Hello Little HomeMy home chef gift guide is filled with foodie inspiration!

Row One:

  • Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven: A gorgeous French oven from Le Creuset is a gift that any foodie will freak out over! These sturdy pots come in lots of different sizes and colors; I have the 4.5-quart size which is generous and perfect for soups and stews. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are quite expensive although they do last forever; mine was handed down from my mom and is probably 30+ years old. Lodge makes a more affordable Dutch oven, and Le Creuset makes a wide range of other products at varying price points, too.
  • Walnut Cutting Board: A beautiful cutting board is always a welcome gift and can be used for preparing, as well as presenting, a delicious meal. This one comes in different sizes and shapes.
  • Inspiralizer: This handy tool is the ideal present for health-conscious cooks! It will cut any veggie into uniform strands and slices. I like this one because it comes with 4 different blades and clamps to the counter. The Inspiralized cookbook would be the a fitting companion gift.

Row Two:

  • KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer: This powerhouse mixer is an essential kitchen tool. It simplifies everything from mixing cookies to whipping cream, and with a wide range of attachments available, can do everything from make pasta to stuff sausage.
  • Cast Iron Skillet: A cast iron skillet is a classic cooking tool that deserves a spot in any kitchen. It’s uses are endless, and if you treat it right, it will last forever. I suggest pairing the skillet with Cast Iron Cooking for Vegetarians. I was just flipping through this book at the library and found so many tempting recipes (the skillet cookie comes to mind)!
  • Sea Salt Collection: If you don’t cook a lot, you probably don’t think a lot about salt. High quality salt makes a noticeable difference in a recipe’s taste though. This set has 6 high quality salts—including Fleur de Sel, Sel Gris, Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt, Black Pyramid Salt, Spanish Saffron Flake Salt, and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt—that are wonderful for experimenting with and adding the perfect finishing touch to any dish.

Row Three:

  • Immersion Blender: I love my immersion blender; it’s such a handy tool for making sauces and smooth or semi-smooth soups. Since you use it right in the pot, it’s also safer and easier than a blender (no worries about hot soup in your face). I have this one which has 2 speeds and 2 attachments that are simple to use, and I find myself reaching for it often.
  • Zassenhaus Vintage Style Pepper Mill: This is pretty much the coolest, most charming pepper mill ever, am I right? It’s high quality design (the grinding mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years) is over 100 years old. With a 6-position dial, finding the perfect grind from coarse to fine is easy.
  • Food Processor: This is the larger version of the food processor I have and love (they don’t sell mine anymore). I use my food processor to make everything from hummus to pie crusts. It’s so handy, and I probably use it about 10 times more often than I use my blender.
  • Silicone Cooking Utensils Set: I love silicone utensils! They won’t melt, which is helpful for grilling as well as stovetop cooking, especially when you’re a forgetful or distracted cook like me. This cute set comes in multiple colors, and I love the handy crock for storage.
  • Kitchen Shears: A pair of kitchen scissors is such a helpful cooking tool and can be used for everything from cutting pizza to snipping herbs.
  • Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker: This is such a fun gift for ice lovers! I have this exact model, and it’s super easy to use for everything from frozen yogurt to frose. Make sure to include a cookbook, like Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home which has 100 recipes from the fave artisanal ice cream maker. A set of Sweet Treats Tubs for storing ice cream would be a fun add on gift, too.

Row 4:

  • Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat: These no stick mats, which eliminate the need for parchment paper, oils, butter, or nonstick sprays, make a wonderful gift for bakers.
  • OXO Mandoline: A mandoline is a wonderfully handy tool for cutting fruits and veggies in uniform slices (this model has 3 thickness options). This is the one I have, and I use it often.
  • Nordic Ware Bundtlette Pan: I have this study, high-quality pan, and I love it! It makes the cutest little cakes that are impressive for entertaining (who doesn’t love their own individual cake?) or simply treating the family. Nordic Ware sells these mini bundt pans, as well as full size ones, in tons of fun patterns, shapes, and sizes.


  • Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking: This cookbook is from one of my fave bloggers, and has over 100 delicious, easy veggie-based recipes and tons of beautiful photos.
  • A Modern Way to Cook: Vegetarian cooking has a reputation for being labor intensive. So this cookbook, which is filled with 150 recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights and can be prepared in under 15, 20, 30, or 40 minutes, is a really helpful resource.
  • Dandelion and Quince: Know a foodie who loves their local farmer’s market? This is the book for them! It features over 150 recipes for using 35 uncommon vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they might spot at the market but be unsure of how to use.
  • Eat Like a Gilmore: I couldn’t resist including this fun cookbook! Anyone who loves cooking and The Gilmore Girls would enjoy this book which is full of recipes inspired by the series.
  • Spritz: This cookbook is all about Italy’s most iconic aperitivo cocktail. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys entertaining and crafting their own cocktails. The book includes dozens of recipes from some of America’s most lauded bartenders, as well as a collection of Italian snack recipes to pair alongside.
  • Art of Pie: Perfect for aspiring bakers, or anyone looking to perfect their skills, this cookbook includes detailed instructions for making, rolling, and baking crusts, as well as creating irresistible pie fillings.
  • The Love and Lemons Cookbook: This is another book from a fave food blogger. It’s organized by ingredient and is filled with ideas for stocking the pantry and using what’s in your cupboards to make a delicious dish, plus it gives plenty of tips for improvising recipes.
  • The Elements of Pizza: Perfect for pizza lovers, this cookbook breaks down the pizza-making process, covering everything from dough to using a pizza peel to incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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I hope you were inspired by my home chef gift guide! What are you planning to get your fave foodie?

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