It’s Tax day: Treat Yo Self

My taxes are finally done, so I’m channeling Donna and Tom. It’s time to treat yo self!


Are you expecting a refund? Treat yourself to something fun! Here are my top four picks: treat yo self: splurge via

  1. How cute are these Lovely Ribbon Accent Flats?!?
  2. I am in love with this floral pencil skirt from Loft.
  3. The Cupcake Contest Shoulder Bag from ModCloth is too cute! Even the name is adorable.
  4. Feel like really splurging? I’d spend my money on the Lady City Tote from Foley + Corinna.

Not quite so lucky? Yeah, me neither. Even if you didn’t get a refund, you can still treat yourself to a relaxing spa night. treat yo self with a spa night via

  1. Gather some candles, dim the lights, and take a hot bath.
  2. Give yourself a facial. Here are 10 masks you can make at home. I’m going to try the Banana Mask.
  3. A mani/pedi is a must! My favorite color is OPI on Collins Avenue.

Are you doing anything to treat yourself today?

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