Learning about Gluten-Free Foods

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My friend’s son has a severe allergy to gluten, among other foods. We spend a lot of time together, and I’m always at a loss when it comes time to prepare foods that he can eat.

Learning about gluten-free foods and cooking is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so I was excited to attend Walmart’s gluten-free event this past weekend!

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods | Hello Little Home #gfwalmart

Before I went, I decided to do a little research.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains, including barley and rye. It gives elasticity to dough and a chewy texture to bread. It’s often hidden in other foods, too – which makes avoiding it tricky – and it can even be found in cosmetics, hair products, and other personal care items.

There are a few reasons someone might avoid gluten. First, a gluten-free diet is used to treat celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder. Gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines of people with celiac disease, and eating a gluten-free diet helps them control symptoms and prevent complications. Even people without celiac disease sometimes experience gluten sensitivities, and other people choose gluten-free diets as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a gluten-free diet can be challenging, so I was ready to start learning about gluten-free foods offered by Walmart.

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Walmart Gluten-Free Event | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartThere were a number of booths set up for the gluten-free event, all with various samples. The people staffing the booths were not only sweet enough to share info on the products, but also to let me snap a few pictures of them, too.

I can never say to a free sample! First, I tried a delicious Luna bars. I wish I had grabbed one of those Glutino Cookies, too … don’t they look good?

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Walmart Gluten-Free Event | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartMy next stop was to taste test gluten-free granola. It was wonderful, too.

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Walmart Gluten-Free Event | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartFinally, I tried Quaker Popped Rice Crisps. These were so good that I might have been in trouble if left alone with a bag!

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Walmart Gluten-Free Event | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartAfter I was done sampling, I stopped by the gluten-free aisle to check out all products Walmart carries. There was everything from snacks to condiments to meal ingredients (pasta, flours, etc.), and it was really impressive to see such a huge variety.

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Checking Out the Selection at Walmart | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartFor those days when I just can’t stop for a meal, I love carrying an energy bar or two in my bag, so I decided to purchase some Clif Mojo Bars. I found these near the pharmacy, thanks to a helpful employee.

You guys, these bars are so good! I’ve already eaten the whole box! I’m planning to buy more, and I’ll be sharing an easy meal solution using these bars in another post, plus some tips on gluten-free meal prep.

Learning About Gluten-Free Foods: Clif Mojo Bars | Hello Little Home #gfwalmartMake sure to visit Walmart’s gluten-free webpage to get some recipes and to learn more about the products they carry.

Do you follow a gluten-free diet or have you tried any of these foods? I’d love to learn more, so please share your tips and recipes!

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Linda and Alex @ Veganosity

Great post Ginnie! The son of a good friend of mine is a severe celiac. He was diagnosed when he was 4, after several months of testing because he was failing to thrive. He wouldn’t talk, eat, or do anything a normal 4 year old would do. Thankfully, he’s now a healthy teenager! It’s amazing where gluten turns up, some oils even have gluten! Thanks for sharing these great products.

Those bars really do look delicious! Whoever says that having dietary restrictions eliminates delicious foods needs to check these out. I’m about to drool over the picture of those samples!

Those bars are going on my shopping list. I ate my whole box of cookies too!

Wow, looks like such a great event! I am so excited that Walmart carries so many options for GF folks now.

I love that Walmart had this gf event! Those Luna bars look delicious…gotta try them soon!

I love that Walmart is carrying so many gluten-free products! Those luna Bars look delicious, too!

That is going to be my new favorite aisle at Walmart. I love all the healthy new gluten free options that they offer.

Oh those look so good!!!

I love that Walmart is offering more gluten free products. Those Mojo bars are so yummy!

Those Clif Bars look amazing! Walmart really has a huge selection of GF products.

Great post! It’s always helpful to learn about how to buy good food for people with gluten allergies.

[…] couple weeks ago, I attended a gluten-free event at Walmart. It was a great opportunity to taste a few products, as well as learn more about gluten-free […]

Your comment about the bag of Popped made me giggle, because I know exactly what you mean. It’s amazing how far healthy foods have come with flavor!