Living Room Style: One Sofa, Three Ways

Has a piece of furniture ever broken your heart? When I moved into my New York apartment, I ordered a sofa from West Elm. I couldn’t wait for that soft, velvet couch to arrive.

When the delivery day finally came, there was one problem: the sofa wouldn’t fit through my apartment door. Not for lack of trying either; the delivery guys were here for at least an hour. The door came off the hinges and the feet came off the sofa, but to no avail. It was a lost cause.

IKEA to the rescue! I ended up ordering the Karlstad sofa. The flat boxes fit easily through the door, although I’ll probably have to take it apart if I ever move!

The Karlstad is a popular model that works with a lot of living room styles, and I thought it would be fun to create a few designs. Here’s how one sofa can be used in three unique ways.

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Bohemian Living Room Style

Of the three styles I chose, bohemian is my favorite right now. It’s laid back and relaxed, and you’ll often see ethnic influences. To achieve bohemian style, try mixing textures – especially those found in nature – and patterns. Colors should go together, but they don’t need to match perfectly. Add a worldly touch by incorporating souvenirs from a favorite vacation.

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Traditional Living Room Style

Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring.  It’s calming to the eye and often employs symmetry, such as matching end tables and table lamps, and a neutral color palette. Look for classic pieces that will never go out of style, like Oriental rugs and dark wood furniture. Add interest by varying textures and materials and by adding interesting accessories.

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Mid-Century Modern Living Room Style

Mid-Century Modern homes are integrated with their natural surroundings and feature large windows and open floor plans. The style is characterized by clean shapes and straight lines. Keep your room airy and uncluttered and use low-slung furniture. Try incorporating polished wood tones and geometric patterns that have a slightly retro feel. Add spark with a few well-chosen accessories but err on the side of minimalism. Think Palm Springs!

What is your favorite design style?

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I love the traditional board! OH IKEA how I love thee! They are so affordable and their furniture is very suitable for small spaces! I just ordered a dressing table from them as it will fit nicely in our little house! Ugh! I would cry if I bought such a gorgeous couch and I couldn’t get it in my house. 🙁 That’s awesome that you found something nice that fit though!

Hi! This is a great post! Love the picks! You have great style! Sharing some Sverve love!

I love the traditional style living room ideas! I’m going to keep this for ideas for my new home I’m building. Thanks Maria

All three are beautiful! I’m drawn to the traditional. That carpet, gorgeous!

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i love the bohemian look-I’ve got big brown couches and I’m trying to invoke a more bohemian vibe. eclectic, a little traveled looking. great inspiration, and sorry about your ideal couch not fitting. shame!