My Favorite Accessories from West Elm

West Elm has to be my all time favorite place to shop for the home. I just love their modern, yet earthy vibe. So when I needed a little retail therapy yesterday (tough day at work), I decided to drop into their store near Columbus Circle on my way home.

I was not disappointed! I’m generally more of an online shopper, but you really can’t beat an in-store experience, especially when shopping for the home.

Their styling is really spot on right now. Check out this amazing wall constructed out of logs. It gave the store a log cabin vibe.

West Elm Log WallMy number one thing to shop for at West Elm has to be their accessories, so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of my favorites from the store.

My favorite West Elm accessories.

  1. These Agate Jewelry Boxes were very pretty. They reminded me of pricey malachite.
  2. We need another rug for our living room, and I am really into the layered look. This Hill Block-Printed Cotton Dhurrie was gorgeous in person. It is layered over a Jute Boucle Rug
  3. For some reason I thought this Rhino Object was a pig in the store! Rhino or pig, I love it either way.
  4. I couldn’t find these Geode Bookends online, but I am obsessed! I am definitely going back for a pair – they are a steal at $14 each. They also had a set of Geode Coasters in the store, which were also amazing.
  5. These Rewined Candles were so cool. They are made from recycled wine bottles and smell wonderful.
  6. We need a desk lamp, and this Industrial Task Table Lamp is at the top of my list. It comes in a lot of fun colors. I love how it was displayed with the books.
  7. West Elm always has the best vases. This display had a great layered look. There’s a lot going on here, but it’s organized and uncluttered.
  8. These Metal Wrapped Frames are really nice in person, and how cute are those dog silhouettes? Show your pet a little love!
  9. I loved everything about this table setting. I’m especially enamored with this Greenhouse Terrarium – it’s at the top of my fall shopping list.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite?

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