Sick Day Essentials

Ugh … I’m suffering from some sort of cold/flu hybrid that just won’t go away. I thought that I was feeling a little better Sunday, but yesterday I actually felt worse! Does that ever happen to you when you’re sick?

Anyway, I had planned to do a post on holiday party outfits today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I decided to share my sick day essentials.

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Keep Cozy

When I’m sick, a cozy pair of pajamas is a must. I like the PJs above, because of their warm flannel and fun print.

When I’m sick, I tend to alternate between too hot and too cold. To help with this problem, I layer a tank top under my pajama top, and simply remove the heavier top when I get too hot.

Don’t forget your extremities: keep your feet covered in a pair of warm slippers that can be kicked off as your temperature changes. Tie your hair up and out of the way.

Keep Nourished

Eating well is super important when sick, but I never have enough energy to cook. Instead, I stock up on healthy, prepared soups that simply need a few minutes in the microwave. Keep a box of crackers next to the couch, too, for those moments when you’re starving but just can’t seem to move.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of hot tea. My favorite is flavored green tea. I get all the health benefits of green tea, but it doesn’t taste like dried grass (as some plain green tees do).

I’m not sure if hot cocoa counts as nourishment (it is made with milk), but it is very comforting. Treat yourself to a cup with mini marshmallows. I promise that cocoa will go a long way toward cheering you up (being sick is a bit of a downer, no?).

Keep Busy

Finally, being confined to the couch for days can get really boring. There is only so much TV a girl can watch! I have three ideas for keeping entertained with minimal effort:

  • Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read. I’ve loved all of Khaled Hosseini’s previous books, so I will be downloading And the Mountains Echoed to my iPad tomorrow.
  • Surprise someone with a handwritten note.
  • To really cheer yourself up, why not elf yourself? It’s super easy to create an dancing elf e-card, and I guarantee you will be laughing afterward.

What are your sick day essentials? Do you have any tips for getting over a lingering cold?

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why are sock monkeys so irresistible? I will have to try flavored green tea because that grass taste turns me off every time. Hope you are feeling 100% now.