Super Easy, Super Chic DIY Sunglasses Case

I have a lot of sunglasses, but not many cases. The cases I do have are either too bulky to carry around, or they only fit the pair the case came with. Do you have the same problem?

It was love at first sight when I saw Bon Look’s Le Wrap sunglasses case (affiliate link). The shape, silver color, and wraparound closure are all really unique. But even though I really liked the case, I’d much rather spend my money on another pair of sunglasses.

So, what’s a girl to do? Make her own DIY sunglasses case, of course!

DIY Sunglasses Case | Hello Little Home #tutorial #style #fashionI had some suede leftover from my DIY suede tassels, and it was the perfect material for this project. The suede protects my sunglasses from scratches, and the compact size fits in my smallest bag.

Best of all, this DIY sunglasses case is super easy to make!

DIY Sunglasses Case: Supplies | Hello Little Home #tutorialHere’s what you need to make your own case:

  • suede or leather*
  • DIY sunglasses case template (link at end of post)
  • scissors
  • fine point pen or marker
  • thread
  • needle

* Note: You can use woven fabric instead of leather or suede, but you’ll need to finish the edges to avoid fraying. To use another material, cut out two pieces of the fabric, adding an extra 1/2-inch of seam allowance on all edges. Stack material with right sides facing and sew pieces together a 1/2-inch from the edge. Leave a small opening unstitched. Turn piece inside out through the opening and handstitch the opening closed. Press flat and follow directions for attaching the strap.

Start by printing out the template, making sure to deselect the print option “shrink to fit width” (otherwise the template will print too small). Cut out the template, and wrap it around your sunglasses to make sure it fits. If you need to, make adjustments to the template, such as adding width or height.

Place the template on your material and trace around it with a pen or marker.

DIY Sunglasses Case: Tracing Template | Hello Little Home #tutorialCarefully, cut out your material. Wrap it around your sunglasses and make any little adjustments, if necessary.

Cut a strip of material 1/4-inch wide by 25-inches long, as well. This will be for the wraparound strap. Trim one end of the strap on an angle.

Note: You could also use a piece of ribbon if you’d like a contrasting strap.

DIY Sunglasses Case: Cutting out the Material | Hello Little Home #tutorialLay the case flat on a table with the inside facing up. Align the flat edge of the strap with the middle of the case. Using a needle and thread, sew the strap in place using an x-pattern (see the picture below). Go over the “x” a few times, then knot your thread and trim the ends.

Attach the strap to the bottom center of the case with an “x”, as well. Do not attach the middle part of the strap to the case. This will be kept open to hold your sunglasses in place.

Note: I used white in the picture, but you’ll want the thread to match your material so your stitches don’t show on the finished case. If you have a hard time getting your needle through the suede or leather, use something sharp (like a stitch ripper) to pierce a hole first.

DIY Sunglasses Case: Attaching Strap | Hello Little Home #tutorial Guess what? You’re done! Wasn’t that easy?

Slide one of the temples through the open part of the strap that you just stitched down, like I did below. It will hold your sunglasses in place.

DIY Sunglasses Case: Strapping in Glasses | Hello Little Home #tutorialFold the case over your glasses and wrap the strap around a few times. Tuck in the end, and you are good to go!

DIY Sunglasses Case | Hello Little Home #tutorial #style #fashionClick on the image below for the case template:

DIY Sunglasses Case: Template | Hello Little Home







I love quick DIY projects like this sunglasses case. There is nothing like instant gratification.

The best part is that I still have some blue suede left over. Who knows what I’ll make next … let me know if you have any suggestions!

Are you working on any DIY projects right now?

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28 thoughts on “Super Easy, Super Chic DIY Sunglasses Case

  1. Crystelle Boutique

    Oh my! this looks like a super easy and super fun project to make. I bet even kids would like to try out this one. I love how it turns out and keeps your glasses safe to boot!!! Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂
    XoXoX Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

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  3. caitlin

    So cute! I love the blue leather too! I’m definitely pinning this for later. Thanks for linking up with us at the Be.You.Tiful Link Party; we hope to see you again 🙂

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