Travel Lover’s Gift Guide

Know someone who loves to travel? Check out my travel lover’s gift guide … it’s filled with my must haves for a successful vacation!

Travel Lover's Gift Guide ... do you know someone who loves to travel? I've rounded up my must haves for a sucessful vacation! | Hello Little Home

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I absolutely love traveling. If I could drop everything and do it full-time, I definitely would. Of course, I don’t have unlimited time or money. I try to take every opportunity I have though to check out new places, whether that’s a nearby town or somewhere further away and more exciting.

If you know someone who loves traveling as much as I do (or maybe you just want to treat yourself … I totally get that, too!), this travel lover’s gift guide is for you.

Travel Lover's Gift Guide ... do you know someone who loves to travel? I've rounded up my must haves for a sucessful vacation! | Hello Little HomeMy travel lover’s gift guide is full of useful things that will make your favorite traveler’s life on the road easier, more comfortable, or just more enjoyable!

Top Row:

  • Travel Journal: I wish I’d kept a travel journal for all my trips. It’s so fun to look back and remember all the details of trips you’ve taken, even years later. This Rifle Paper Co. journal is a favorite of mine.
  • Sleep Mask: A comfortable sleep mask is absolutely necessary for a long haul flight. This one is made from soft material, has eye cups for extra comfort, comes with a carrying case and ear plugs, and even has a cute print.  There’s a plain black version, too.
  • Packing Cubes: It is amazing how fast things get lost in a big bag! Packing cubes and pouches (this set comes with 3 cubes, 4 pouches, and a shoe bag) keeps things orderly and easy to find. I love the cute patterns this set is available in, but it comes in solid colors, too.
  • Phone Battery Case: A case that charges your phone is indispensable when you’re on vacation, especially in a foreign country … no searching for outlets necessary! I love the simple, sleek design of this case, and it also comes in pretty rose gold.

Row Two:

  • The Carry On Cocktail Kit: These kits definitely fall into the fun category! Each kit has everything you need—except the booze (buy that on the plane or pack a mini bottle)—to make a relaxing, top quality cocktail. Choose from Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail, Moscow Mule, and Gin and Tonic.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: Quality headphones are usually pricey, but this pair is affordable, attractive, and bonus: it gets good reviews!
  • Pocket Posh Crosswords: I LOVE these cute crossword puzzle books! They’re perfect for killing time when you find yourself without internet service, or if you just want to disconnect for a bit. Pick from many fun colors and patterns.

Row Three:

  • Oversized Scarf: A generously sized scarf is something I never set foot on a plane without. It will keep you stylish and warm, plus you can use it as a blanket on a red eye. This high quality wool scarf comes in a range of pretty colors.
  • Slippers: I love changing into slippers on long hauls and red eyes … it makes it so much easier to get comfortable! Slippers are also great in hotel rooms with their germy carpets and difficult to control temperature fluctuations. I’m obsessed with my Muk Luks Slipper Boots. It doesn’t get more cozy, and they come in so many awesome patterns and styles. For a more classic option, I also love Minnetonka slippers, which come in plenty of colors and styles for both men and women.
  • A Big, Stylish Bag: In addition to my suitcase, I like to carry a large tote with all of my essentials. Then, I stick it under my plane seat and pull it out when I need something. This Dooney & Bourke beauty is almost identical to the Dooney bag I use and love. It comes in plenty of great colors and the interior pockets keep things organized. It also sits perfectly on top of a rolling suitcase, making getting around the airport easier.

Row Four:

  • Luggage Tag: Spot your bag easily in a sea of black with a cute luggage tag! This tag comes in a number of bright colors and is sold in a set of two. I love the travel happy message that’s embossed on it!
  • Scratch Off Travel Map: This map is the perfect way to remember a trip after the fact. Simply scratch off the countries you’ve visited to reveal a colorful map beneath.
  • External Battery Pack: Keep this handy battery pack in your bag and pull it out whenever your phone starts to lose its juice, no outlet necessary. This one comes in a number of pretty patterns.

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Wet Wipes: Wipes are another thing I never leave home without. Use them to clean the plane tray, wipe hands, or attach anything else that’s suspect. They’re not considered a liquid like hand sanitizer is, so they can be thrown right in a handbag, no ziplock necessary.
  • eos Lip Balm: I love these little lip soothers, and this coconut version is my fave. Again, they’re not a liquid, so they’ll save precious space in the ziplock bag when traveling by plane.
  • Silcone Travel Bottles: Fill these mini bottles with favorite products to save room in a suitcase. The silicon makes them squishable (is that a word?), so it’s easier to get every last drop of product out.
  • Ear Plugs: These comfortable plugs are perfect for blocking out a loud plane engine or snoring travel companion.
  • Sunblock Stick: I’m a sunblock fanatic and never leave home without. This stick is easy to transport without have to worry about leaks. Plus, it’s a solid, saving space in the dreaded ziplock (can you tell I have problems getting everything I need in those tiny things?!?).

I’ve hope you’ve been inspired by my travel lover’s gift guide and found some ideas for the travel bug in your life!

What are your must haves when traveling?

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