Valentine’s Day Decor Around My Home

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? I don’t have kids, so I don’t go too crazy, but I did put up a few holiday decorations this year.

I thought I’d give you a mini tour of the Valentine’s Day decor around my home today.

Valentine's Day Decor Around My Home: Flowers | Hello Little HomeI picked up this cute metal container with a chalkboard heart at Target. It’s the perfect thing to hold a sweet primrose plant that I scored for a dollar at Whole Foods.

Valentine's Day Decor Around My Home: Conversation Heart Banner | Hello Little HomeMy DIY Conversation Heart Banner is still hanging over my fireplace. I’ve grown attached to it and will have a hard time taking it down after the holiday is over!

Valentine's Day Decor Around My Home: Heart Gallery Wall | Hello Little HomeThough technically not Valentine’s Day specific (it’s up all year round), the gallery wall in my entry is full of hearts that are special to me.

I made the shadow box in the top right. It includes part of a card my husband gave me (I keep them all). We were married in New Orleans, so I love this petite dish I picked up at a sidewalk sale. And the wooden heart in the lower right was found on a trip to Mexico.

Valentine's Day Decor Around My Home: Love Art | Hello Little HomeThis Love You printable from Persnickety Prints brightens up a table next to my desk.

Valentine's Day Around My Home: Chalkboard | Hello Little HomeFinally, I updated my DIY Chalkboard with my husband and I’s initials. This simple drawing took me a lot longer than it should have, so it’s not going anywhere for a while!

What is your favorite part? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day, or are you just waiting for it to be over (ha!)?

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I love the chalkboard with the initials and I can’t remember what it’s called but the gilded heart on the wall. So cute!

Oh my gosh, where ever did you get those birds? They are fantastic! Stopping by from SITS Girls Comment Love Tribe, and I will definitely be back. Have a great day!

I love the DIY heart banner, too cute. I try to decorate for most holidays, but haven’t gotten around to any valentines day decor this year 🙁 stopping by from SITS.

I am embarrassed to admit that, despite Valentine’s Day also being my wedding anniversary, we really don’t do a whole lot around my house. I don’t know why – I just hate feeling pressure to be romantic on a particular day.

Of course, this year, our 4 year old is very interested in the idea of holidays, so we are doing a bit more.

I love your decorations – the hears in the shadow box are my favorite.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Your home is ready for the day! 🙂 I had intended to decorate as well, but sadly, the day approached a bit too quickly. 🙂 Stopping by from SITS. Blessings!

I didn’t use to decorate for Valentine’s Day, or other holidays much, until I had kids. And now it’s kind of fun. I don’t go overboard for V-day, just a simple banner I picked up at a dollar store a couple of years ago, and I crack out our red plates for meals that day. Hey! My husband and I have the same initials!

Looks great! And I love your outfit too! I’m not doing any decoration. That chalkboard frame is a super idea.

I love to decorate for holidays! My daughter and I usually end up making a bunch of decorations to mix in with what we already have. It’s fun for both of us and since we make different things every year, our decorations are never the same!

I did some light decorating for Valentine’s Day…for the first time ever! I love what you’ve done. The chalkboard with initials is darling!

I’m back again, today for #SITSblogging. I don’t decorate for any holidays except for Christmas and even that is minimal. I think the issue is that my house isn’t decorated for normal living yet! Once I accomplish that then I can think about spending on & planning holiday decor. 🙂

Love your chalk board and that print! Those really are great. I finally put up our Valentines decorations today! Only reason I bothered in the end was because my youngest kept saying we needed to.

you are so creative! i love that DIY chalkboard- but if i ever tried to write anything on it, it definitely would not look as great as yours does!
glad to have found this blog!

Cute stuff! I barely decorate for Christmas, much less any other holiday!

Stopping by from SITS

oh my favorite is the DIY Conversation Heart Banner! LOVE! Nothing says Valentine’s Day like those little candies!

I love your style of decor! I try to keep love and hearts around year-round, too, with just a few holiday touches here and there each month. I pinned your awesome DIY Conversation Hearts Banner to my Vday Pinterest board. I love it!

It all looks very cute! I love the birds. You working on St. Patricks day next?

Hi Ginnie! Everything looks so lovely – thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend! Pinned to our party board! Hope you are having a happy Valentine’s Day weekend and have a wonderful week.