HOW TO tie A

perfect bow

By Hello Little Home

Learn how to tie a PERFECT bow with this fun step-by-step tutorial!  This simple bow works with both thin and thick ribbon, and it's a great finishing touch for any present!

SUPPLIES: – Ribbon – Scissors – Present Tip: wired ribbon works best for larger bows.

STEP 1: Cut a long piece of ribbon. Wrap around box, knotting in center. Form a loop with one of the ribbon ends.

STEP 2: Wrap other ribbon end around and under loop.

STEP 3: Pull that same ribbon through the center, creating a second loop.

STEP 4: Play with bow - adjusting loops, pulling on ends, gradually tightening - until it looks good. Trim ends.


It gets easier the more bows you make! Find more tips + a video tutorial at Hello Little Home.