By Hello Little Home


Learn how to wrap presents like a professional with this fun step-by-step tutorial!  These simple gift wrapping tips make it easy!

SUPPLIES: – Wrapping Paper – Scissors - Clear Tape – Double Sided Tape

STEP 1: Cut a piece of paper that's long enough to wrap around your box with a couple inches to spare. Tape one edge to box with clear tape.

STEP 2: Fold under other edge (even with side of box), then use double sided tape to stick in place.

STEP 3: At edge, press the center of the paper flap down and then out to meet the sides of the box. Crease sides to make to neat triangles.

STEP 4: Place a piece of double sided tape on the inside of triangle, then fold in to seal.

STEP 5: Fold in other side. If your paper is long enough, you should have a triangle. If not, the edge will be straight.

STEP 6: Add more double sided tape to inside of triangle, then fold up. Repeat on other side.

ALTERATE END IDEA: If you paper is too short to create a triangle on the end (or you just want a tailored look), fold under the point / ends, then tape in place.


Now you know how to wrap gift boxes like a pro! Find more tips + a video tutorial at Hello Little Home.