Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial

I love intricate nail art, and if you spend any time on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the great inspiration out there.

Unfortunately, my nail art skills are just not that good. Sure, I can do a good-looking basic manicure, but anything more difficult than that and my fingers just will not cooperate!

So when it comes to nail art, it’s the simpler the better for me.

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial | Hello Little Home #beauty This easy wide stripe nail art tutorial is just my thing! The stripe adds a big impact to your nails, but it couldn’t be easier to accomplish. Plus, no special tools are necessary.

Not only is this manicure simple, but it’s also perfect for the holidays. Especially if you use a pretty golden color on your tips like I did.

Want to try this easy nail art tutorial for yourself?

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial: Supplies | Hello Little Home #beauty Here’s what you’ll need:

  • base coat
  • top coat
  • 2 contrasting nail polish colors
  • removable tape
  • nail polish remover or a manicure clean up pen

Start by applying the base coat. My absolute favorite is Orly Bonder. It has a unique rubberized finish that really grips polish and makes my manicures last.

After the base coat dries, apply the first color all over your nails. This is the color that will show on the lower half of your nails. I used Zoya Kendal, a pretty, grayish lilac.

This color should be opaque, so apply as many coats as needed.

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial: Applying Base Color | Hello Little Home #beauty This first layer of polish must be completely dry before proceeding, so add a fast dry top coat (I used Seche Vite), place your painted nails in a bowl of ice water, or just be patient (not my strong suit). Seriously though, do not apply the tape until your polish hard as a rock … ask me how I know this!

When the polish is dry, add a strip of tape horizontally across your nails about halfway from the tip of each nail. Smooth out the tape, getting rid of any gaps between the tape and your nails.

Apply your second color, pulling the brush toward the tips of your nails. This will help avoid any nail polish seeping under the tape.

I used Julep Sienna for the tips of my nails. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery gold that I plan to wear throughout the holidays!

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial: Applying Gold Polish | Hello Little Home #beauty Apply enough coats to make the polish opaque and then slowly remove the tape strips. You do not need to let the polish dry first.

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial: Removing Tape | Hello Little Home #beauty

Use nail polish remover or a manicure pen to remove any excess polish around your nails.

My Sally Hansen Nail Clean Up Pen is very well used, as you can see below. It comes with extra tips, so you can add more nail polish remover and a clean tip when needed. I’m out of tips, so time for a new pen!

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial: Clean Up | Hello Little Home #beauty Finish your wide stripe nail art with a quick drying top coat. I used my favorite, Seche Vite, again.

Look at those pretty nails!

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial | Hello Little Home #beauty

Easy Wide Stripe Nail Art Tutorial | Hello Little Home #beauty This nail art is the perfect way to add a little bling to your nails during the holidays. The gold tips would be be so pretty with a deep red or even a more subtle cream. Get creative!

What colors would you pair together for this manicure?

P.S. If you like this post, you may enjoy my easy striped-nail art tutorial (similar name, completely different look)!

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Love the colors and design!

SO fun, Ginnie!! Love it! Pinning to share! 🙂

SUPER cute! I def need one of those pens…I am realllllly messy with nail polish!

Smart idea!

I love the colors. I am a terror on manicures and they only last a few days but I may try this for a special occasion coming up.

You nails look awesome! LOVE! Thanks for sharing! I think it would be perfect for my new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at http://www.houseofhipsters.com

Pretty. I need to do something with my nails!

So pretty! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls

I Like your tutorial, I will try it to night, thanks 🙂

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