What to Wear: Winter Exercise

One of my goals this month is to exercise more consistently. I’ve been slacking for too long, and it’s time to get back on track!

I prefer to exercise outside, and since I live close to Central Park, my favorite route is a brisk walk around the reservoir. Even in winter!

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little HomeZip-Front Pullover: Tek Gear / Gloves: similar / Pants: Lucy / Shoes: Reebok, c/o People StyleWatch (Affiliate Links)

I have to laugh, because when I took these pictures on Sunday, New York was experiencing a heat wave. We are talking upper 40’s. After the freezing weather we’ve been getting, it felt like spring (no need for a hat, even). Of course, the city was hit by another snow storm yesterday, and it’s back to chilly temps, too!

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little HomeAnyway, I’ve said it before: one of the things that motivates me to exercise is fun clothes. So I was super excited to receive a pair of Reebok shoes courtesy of the People StyleWatch StyleHunters Network.* The best thing about these shoes is that I got to custom design them from toe to heel. It was so much fun!

Custom Reebok RealFlex Scream 2.0 | Hello Little Home #YourReebokPSWI chose the RealFlex Scream 2.0, but there are other options, too, including special cross fit shoes and even Freestyles. Yes, they still make those classic high tops! There are lots of fun options for colors, and even patterns, but I went with a black base with turquoise and neon yellow highlights.

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little Home #YourReebokPSWI’m really happy with my design, and the best part is that the shoes are super comfortable, too. The front of the shoe is very lightweight and flexible, while the heel is sturdy and supportive. Try your hand at creating your own pair here. I came up with about 10 designs before I settled on this one; it was so hard to choose my favorite!

These bright shoes inspired the rest of my outfit.

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little Home #YourReebokPSWThis is a typical winter exercise outfit for me. I started with a long-sleeve, breathable t-shirt and a pair of compression pants. These are my favorite pants; they’re slim and super stretchy (plus, no transparency issues like one brand whose name I will not mention). I topped that with a cozy, fleece-lined pullover (on sale for $11.99!), and added a pair of toasty gloves. As I mentioned, the weather was warm, so there was no need for a hat.

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little Home #YourReebokPSWThis is my go to outfit for a winter walk or jog. It’s warm, but not so much so that I become uncomfortable as my body heats up. Perfect!

Do you want to head outdoors, too? Try these tips for exercising in cold weather:

  • Dress in layers. Wear a jacket over an insulating long-sleeved t-shirt or a pair of regular pants over thermal tights.
  • Look for exercise gear that is specifically made for cold weather, such as fleece-lined pants and hats with built-in headphones.
  • Avoid drafts by wearing long tops, slim-leg pants with a generous inseam, and tall socks.
  • Don’t forget a hat and gloves. You can always remove them if you get too hot.
  • Make the most of the snow! Take your kids sledding for an hour or go snow shoeing. Personally, I love cross-country skiing! One of my favorite memories from last winter was seeing all the cross-country skiers out in Central Park after a big storm!
  • Watch out for ice. Stick to sidewalks and paths that are clear and slip free.
  • If the temperature dips below freezing (hello, Polar Vortex, I’m talking about you!), don’t risk it. Stay inside and hit the treadmill or workout with a favorite exercise video.

What to Wear: Winter Exercise | Hello Little Home #YourReebokPSWI have to give special thanks to my husband, who took these pictures. I’m no fashion blogger, and between my uncomfortable poses and his directions, it was quite the photography session. You should see the outtakes (#awkward)!

Do you exercise outside in winter, or do you like to keep it cozy and workout inside?

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*Disclaimer: I received a free pair of Reebok shoes from the People StyleWatch StyleHunters Network for review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I use and/or love.

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Sooooo cute! I can just imagine the hilarious banter between you and Joel while these photos were taken!

love love love the workout gear. Especially those killer kicks. I need to design a pair with some fun spring colors..maybe it will being warmer weather.

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Oh, those shoes are fabulous! Love the colours that you chose.