Easy Day to Night Makeup in 3 Steps

‘Tis the season for after work parties and get togethers! I always seem to have a few of these events scheduled, and it’s hard to look pulled together when you’ve been running around all day.

Rather than showing up straight from the office and feeling frumpy, take a few minutes to transform your face. Pack a few products, and you’ll have everything you need to create an easy day to night makeup look.

The best part? You can create this pretty look in three simple steps!

Easy Day to Night Makeup in 3 Steps | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeup

Here’s what you need for this day to night makeup look:

Throw these items in your bag before you leave in the morning, along with a fun statement necklace, and you’ll be party-ready in no time!

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Products | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupBasically, you will be applying the makeup over anything you are already wearing.

I started with the natural-looking makeup that I wear daily. However, this look works even if you’re starting with no makeup.

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Before | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupStep 1: Eyes

Sweep a medium shade across your eyelids from the lash line to just below the brow bone. Blend the edges well with a brush or your fingers. Since this is for nighttime, I recommend using a shade with a little shimmer.

This is an easy way to create a subtly smoky eye without a lot of different shadows, especially if you have fair skin like me.

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Applying Eyeshadow | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupFinish your eyes by applying a coat of mascara. I went right over the mascara from my morning makeup routine.

If you’re starting with no makeup, add an additional coat or two for a stronger look.

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Applying Mascara | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupStep 2: Cheeks

Apply a wash of bright pink blush to your cheeks. The addition of a little color will wake up your whole face.

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Applying Blush | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupStep 3: Lips

Finish your easy day to night makeup by applying a bold color to your lips.

I like to use jumbo lip crayons. They’re super moisturizing and come in a beautiful range of colors. You can apply these crayons as lightly or as intensely as you like. I went bold!

If red is too much for you, choose a more subtle color. Why not step out of your comfort zone though?

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Applying Lipstick | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupAnd that’s it! You can seriously apply this makeup in about 5 minutes.

Easy Day to Night Makeup: After | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupHere’s a before and after. What do you think?

Easy Day to Night Makeup: Before & After | Hello Little Home #beauty #tutorial #holidaymakeupOne more tip! If you’re wearing your hair pulled already, turn it into a side pony. It’s such a fun, flirty style that perfectly complements this easy day to night makeup!

Do you have a lot of parties on your schedule this December?

P.S. Looking for a little holiday hair inspiration? Check out these 3 easy holiday hair styles!

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Love it! You can never go wrong with red lips, right?

Found your blog via linkup. I would love to connect with you on GFC or social media. Let me know if you’re up for it!



Great, quick tutorial. I don’t often wear make up, but I may need to do some experimenting now.