Peek into My Home

I’ve made a few changes around my apartment lately, so I though it would be fun to share a peek into my home through a few snapshots.

Peek into My Home | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #decor #apartmentThere’s been a problem corner – never before seen on Hello Little Home! – ever since I moved into this place. My husband and I have tons of books, art, photos, etc., and there just wasn’t a lot of room for them in this tiny apartment.

There’s a huge radiator that has stopped me from putting bookcases in this corner, which is what we really need. We’d talked about getting some shelves installed, but that’s a pricey addition for an apartment that we’re not sure how long we’ll live in. So everything has stayed in boxes for the most part. Like I said, it was a problem corner!

While I was visiting my sister a couple months ago, my husband took some of the books out of the boxes and stacked them on the radiator. I didn’t hate it (ha), so we kept it up.

Peek into My Home: Books and Photos | Hello Little Home #organizationI like how it looks, and it’s nice to have access to our books. If we were planning to stay in this apartment longer, then shelves would be a better option, but I’m happy for now.

One of my college paintings got displaced when the books came out, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.

Peek into My Home: Diner Painting | Hello Little HomeIt’s a copy of one of Ralph Goings’ diner paintings. Definitely not perfect, but I always liked it, and it’s hung in all of our apartments. We don’t have a wall for it here, and the glass was cracked in our move. I may just take it out of the frame, and then re-frame it later.

During that same visit to my sister, my husband also hung a bunch of pictures and created a gallery wall over our TV.

Peek into My Home: Gallery Wall | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #decor #apartmentIt’s a little wonky and weirdly-spaced, so I’m planning to work on it soon. He included the mirror above, which is one of my all-time favorite thrift scores. I think I’m going to move it to our bedroom.

Sometimes changes aren’t planned! I bumped into my one bookcase a couple weeks ago, and broke a favorite elephant figurine and the bowl that held my mini rock collection.

Peek into My Home: Rock Collection | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #decor I like how the rocks look sitting out, so they may stay. They’re sitting on our photo albums. I make an album for each year, plus special trips. It’s a great way to get all our digital pics off the computer. I’m a few years behind on the albums at this point though … another project!

Remember the chalkboard magnets I made a couple months ago?

Peek into My Home: Chalkboard Magnets | Hello Little Home #DIYI still have them on our fridge. We went through a pizza phase a while ago, hence the pizza message from my husband. He also wrote one of my favorite requests, “More wine, please!” on another magnet … ha ha.

My kitchen hasn’t really made much of an appearance here. It’s a super tiny, galley kitchen so space is at a premium. My spices are stored in an vintage crate above the microwave.Peek into My Home: Spice Storage | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #DecorThe crate says “Hillbilly”!

Moving back into the living room … I made some more bubble wands. I’ll let you know why soon (it’s a mystery!).

Peek into My Home: Bubble Wands | Hello Little Home #DIY #craft #bubblesAfter redoing my fireplace, I had to find a new place for my painting and ended up hanging it over the couch.

Peek into My Home: Painting over Couch | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #decorI’m happy with it for now. The wall was empty before, so it’s nice to have something filling the space.

One more pic! It’s my vintage globe.

Peek into My Home: Vintage Globe | Hello Little Home #InteriorDesign #decor #apartmentYou can see the books and a little of the ginormous radiator in the background.

That wraps up the tour for now! My apartment seems like it’s forever in transition, and it’s never felt “done.” I’ll have to do an official tour at some point though!

Have you made any changes to your home lately?

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I LOVE everything! The pizza magnet totally cracked me up! 😀 You have inspired me with your picture albums that the rocks are on top of to get to crackin’ on some family albums! I know things don’t feel done here; I want to get to a stopping point where the major and annoying projects are finished so I can take a break from them…and so we can enjoy them. Yes I am painting my kitchen cabinets and they are already looking so much fresher! 😀

First want to say that I love your blog. Living in an apartment myself, I can understand how things have a hard time finding their place. the biggest change that I have made to my place lately was that I got rid of my living room and replaced it with a craft room….I feel more at home here now and now have a great space to work in. I have to say that I love your spice rack. Thank you for inspiring us, I can use all the inspiration that I can get.

You have some beautiful, eclectic things! Thank you for sharing and stopping by 🙂


Hey.. I am so glad that I stopped by! I am absolutely loving this place and your house. It’s not always easy to fit in your stuff in apartments… (i know that coz I am in one) but you and your husband are doing a good job. The books look perfect as they are. And I am so inspired by your photo albums that I wish to make some for myself too 🙂

Following you on Bloglovin’


My favorites – the books and your painting!! Some great stuff here… 🙂

Love your style! Love the 40’s portrait of the pretty lady! thanks for sharing this at Fabulous Friday Party! Maria

Your home is so full of character and personality-those are the best kind of spaces 🙂 That diner painting is such a cool find. Love the cozy stacks of books too.
We’d love to see you at our link party “Pin Your Friday Favorite” (Fridays-
Thanks for sharing!

Looks like you’ve got plenty of books. That’s cool! I like that you use a vintage crate to store your spices.

i always say i’m going to make a photo album like those. they really do look nice stacked like that.

I love everything! Everything looks amazing! Pinned. Please come and party with us tonight. We love having you!
Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

My favorites – the books and your painting!! Some great stuff here…Please come and party with us tonight. We love having you!
Happy Day! Lou Lou Girls